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totem stick This area of personal care is concerned not with “how to behave,” but instead simply a focus on the notion of respectful behaviour . To behave respectfully merely means mindfulness and consideration of others. The best part is that it does not require you to change anything about yourself. Totem stick.

In other words: it costs zero dollars not to be a jerk! Totem stick.


Without skewing too far into the realm of cynicism: we live in a shallow world. Not only does our collective Beauty Bias mean that attractive people get more opportunities. It also means that less attractive people are instead subject  . Again we’re talking about magic incense and spell casting here. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help your own cause with a purposeful appearance. You need not shave everywhere or use the most expensive spa products. Just keep it tidy. Totem stick.

In other words: clean yourself up if you want the best chance at love! 

Positive Mind set 

It becomes clear that these three suggestions are closely related. That’s because, much like some of the love incense on this list, each improves the others. In this case, when dedicating personal care toward your own positive mind set, everyone wins! Your positivity feeds into your personal appearance, which further improves your mood, mind set , and behaviour . And this domino effect has implications beyond you as well. Your family, friends, even people on your commute are affected by your energy simply out of sheer proximity. With the power of a positive mind behind you, you’re unstoppable. 

In other words: the power of positivity is vast! 




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