signs you are under spells

signs you are under spells you are under spells

signs you are under spells ,What are the symptoms of being under a spell? This is one of the questions often asked by my clients. Today, I would like to dedicate sometime on the explanation of this. One of the things that can tell you that you are under a spell are the continuous problems that seem to have no solution.signs you are under spells Everything you undertake for years, collapses in a short time without finding a solution. You will always face a lot of physical and mental fatigue, even after a medical check-up.

Your lover or spouse decides to leave you surprisingly, without explanation. Every time, you feel as if there is a strong negative vibe in your house or around you.signs you are under spells

Who do you think is responsible?

The symptoms of being under a spell are often manifested after someone unleashes evil and negativity upon you. Sometimes, you may be a victim of witchcraft, by your own friends, neighbors or people who by envy want to see you ruined, or even killed. You do not realize at the moment, until you feel these symptoms with intensity; nevertheless one has to pay much attention to give solution or to prevent misfortunes.signs you are under spells

Do you want to take revenge or punish someone?

They are interfering in your love relationship! They want to separate you from your partner. That third person wants to snatch your spouse. You want to take revenge on your partner’s lover. You want to punish your partner for leaving with another.

You have envious people around you and you feel like they are doing witchcraft. If for these reasons you want revenge or just punish, I can give solution to your requests, with strong spells for the different cases, worked on altars of black magic, voodoo and Cuban santeria. Now that you have known the symptoms of being under a spell, contact me using the form below so that I can cast a spell to break it or eliminate the effects.signs you are under spells





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