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How do you influence love? On the surface, it seems impossible. How do you even fathom the most elusive, complex, confounding, wonderful, addictive, fulfilling forces of both creation and destruction in the world? Permanent Love solution,

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Love is, at once, life’s greatest blessing and its greatest curse. It refuses to be bound. It defies logic. It breaks boundaries with abandon. Love can show you the very meaning of life itself. And love can destroy everything you’ve ever known. It is the ultimate yin and yang. Love is a chaotic and imperfect dance that can be both breath taking to behold and horrific to lose. kavod spells. This spells is to heal your love wounds or to prevent any love damage caused by your partner, its only spells, Permanent Love solution.

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But we humans are silly, fickle creatures; mere mortals who dream ourselves titans of the universe. We dabble and prod in things we know little about in the hopes of striking the magical triumphant chord that rings true in another’s heart. After all: if the meaning of life isn’t love, then what else could it possibly be? Permanent Love solution, So why wouldn’t we strive for every possibility of winning our lonely hearts’ twin? Permanent Love solution

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 We are silly, after all. We are quite fickle. But we also have the nerve about us when we put our minds to it. And love indeed has produced some of the world’s most beautiful things. Maybe it’s a worthwhile goal after all. Bring back your lost lover

So how do you influence love? Follow in the footsteps of many other lovelorn heart seekers through the ages and throughout the world: try a love spell! Here are the top five love spell categories to consider. Bring back your lost lover

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Top 5 Love Spells

  1. Attraction Spells
  2. Crush Spells
  3. Commitment Spells
  4. Marriage Spells
  5. Obsession Spells

Love Magic 101: How Is Our List Made?

Our team at Green Living came to a consensus on the top five types of love spells outlined here through rigorous examination of spells most commonly used all over the world. Here you will find as close to an objective overview of these spells as possible.

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Love spells for this list were considered regardless of background, culture, creed, religion, or affiliation. Instead, the review team focused on each spell category:

  • Versatility of use cases
  • Pervasiveness of spell practice
  • Performance complexity
  • Depth of knowledge required
  • Ratio of complexity to effectiveness

What appears here are the top categories of love spells that are compelling and reliable.

Our Top 5 Love Spell Categories

A love spell is a set of rituals and practices meant to create amorous feelings in one person for another. It can be as simple as lighting a candle and saying a few words, or more complex such as creating an elaborate ritual. Love spells are generally regarded as magical ways to bring two people closer together and are often created with the intention of manifesting desires and wishes that one may have for their partner.

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A love spell may be performed by an individual or a small group and they are often used to:

  • Bring back a lost lover
  • Attract new love
  • Increase passion between lovers
  • Or even to cause one person to fall in love with another.

It is important to note that love spells can be pursued through either Black Magic or White Magic. We highly recommend the White Magic approach, as we firmly believe that positive sentiment trumps negativity every time. Remember: what you send out may come back to you, so consider this choice very carefully!

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Note: it is vital for us to note here that there are a variety of preparations to be done before casting a spell of any kind. The groundwork for spell casting is of great importance, as the details of the spells, materials, and location are as important and as influential as the caster’s mind set and intent.

Casting a love spell can be an empowering way to bring about the love you want and need in your life. Contrary to what Hollywood might have you believe, love spells have nothing to do with manipulation or control of others. These spells help draw energies together—but only if both spirits are willing. And the duality inherent within the nature of magic means you can even use some love spells to help you break free from unhealthy relationships.

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Love spells are used for all types of relationships: romantic, platonic, familial, and more.

Some clarification is in order at this point. Words like “magic” and “spell” cover a lot of ground in our heads, from the fantastical to the farcical to the frightening. A few definitions:

Magic: Magic is a powerful force in the world. The word “magic” comes from the old English word “magic”, meaning to enchant or cast a spell.

Spell: A spell has been described as a ritual that is performed with the intention of creating an outcome, usually through spiritual or magical means. There are many uses for spells. They can be used to take control of someone, improve your mental health, or even help you become more successful in what you do.

 Attraction Spells


Attraction spells are used to create interest between two people. An attraction spell can be used to get others to like you more or feel romantic and emotional towards you. The key difference between a straightforward love spell and a romantic attraction spell is that attraction is more on the temporary side while love spells aim for a longer commitment. That is not to say that they’re mutually exclusive. You can have both!

Love & Attraction

In fact, while one or the other are pretty great, both are even better. The ideas of love and attraction benefit from each other and are enriched by the other’s presence. The same is true of love spells and attraction spells. A given love spell may create a strong bond between two people and the attraction spell can then help them feel attracted to each other. It’s an effective combo.

Other uses of attraction spells:

  • Use an attraction spell on yourself to radiate attractive energy: An attraction spell is a type of love spell that draws people to you. You can cast an attraction spell on yourself or on someone else. The main goal of this type of love spell is to radiate positive energy and attract people who are looking for someone like you.
  • An attraction spell can help your career: A common misconception about attraction spells is that they are for romantic interests only. In reality, attraction spells can lead to success in your job as well. See below for a candle magic solution for career advancement.

Attraction spells come in many forms. Examples include:

Honey Jar Spell – robust ingredient for attraction due to honey’s innate sweetness, vitality, and natural enticement. How to cast it: place a person’s name in a jar of honey and wait while focusing positive energy on it daily. After time you may find this person to be “sweet on you” as a result!

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Sachet of Your Dreams – Combine lavender, sage, rose petals, pomegranate seeds, and quartz crystal into a sachet bag. How to cast it: simply sleep with the sachet under your pillow to find the lover of our dreams!

 Crush Spells


Spells to attract a romantic crush are one of the most popular love spells. Crush spells are cast all over the world every day. It’s not hard to see why this is happening when you look at the number of benefits that come with it.

Sturdy Spells

Crush spells are famously stout and do not have a high incidence of failing or backfiring. There are also very few negative consequences to worry about. Indeed, there are many reasons why crush spells have become so popular in recent years.

Crush Spells That Stick

Crush spells are simple to cast but quite difficult to remove. If you want to clear their effects, you need to find a spell designed with the removal purpose in particular. It takes a long time to show effects so the slow-burn is an asset to be used as well.

Example Crush Spell: The Love Catcher

This starter spell raises your profile in the eyes of your crush and is simple enough for beginners to try out.

  • Step 1: gather materials. The only materials you need are a piece of paper, a red thread, and your favourite pen
  • Step 2: naming. Let’s start the ritual by writing down two important names: yours and the focus of your spell.
  • Step 3: encircling. Next, draw a square or rectangle around each name (for a physical relationship) or circles around the names for a non-physical one.
  • Step 4: capturing. After that, cut the inside pieces out and spray them with your favourite perfume or cologne. Anything that smells like you and has your touch on it.
  • Step 5: hold them close. Finally, sleep with these shapes under your pillow or keep them in your pocket.

That’s all there is to it. Your crush will notice you in no time!

Note: there are varying degrees of crushes. Be sure to use the appropriate spell so you don’t accidentally cast love spells and commitment on someone who is more of a friend. Remember: crush spells are difficult to remove!

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  1. Commitment Spells


Whereas some of the other categories on this list are aimed at creating connections, commitment spells instead induce added layers of loyalty and dedication within the lover or partner you already have. And in the case of boyfriend / girlfriend-level relationships, commitment spells can even spur your partner toward a deeper pledge of love and allegiance. If you’ve been waiting to hear wedding bells ring, commitment spells may be the avenue you’ve been looking for.

Example Commitment Spell: The Full Moon Love Binding

The full moon love binding spell is aimed at commitment, fidelity, and longevity of relationships. The full moon is the best time to cast love spells. A full moon love binding spell is designed to help you commit, remain faithful to your partner, and be in a happy and healthy relationship for many years.

This love spell is a powerful and effective way to bind your relationship with strong ties such that both parties are free from the outside influences of family, work, and other people.

As hinted at in the name, pay special attention to the Lunar Cycle for this commitment spell, as the new moon is the best time to cast the strongest, most secure and potent version of this spell. The Lunar Cycle is a system of astrology that is based on the phases of the moon. The New Moon is a time to start new projects, plan for the future, and generally have high hopes about what’s to come. It’s also a time where you can ask for something from the universe and set intentions on your deepest desires.

Since the new moon is the natural partner of new beginnings, it is truly a great start to a deep, fulfilling, committed relationship. As is the case with many of the spells covered here, the Full Moon Love Binding spell can be used for many types of commitment, not just romantic relationships.


The items needed for a Full Moon Love Binding include:

  • A red or pink candle
  • A single red candle (separate from the first one above)
  • Red or blue thread – one long string
  • 2 poppets, representing both you and your heart’s desire

Poppet: a handmade representation of the parties involved in a spell, usually the target of the spell casting. In the case of the Full Moon Love Binding, wax poppets of both partners are needed and should be created out of the red or pink candle mentioned in the first bullet above. Create a poppet out of a candle by melting the candle and shaping it into a poppet once it’s soft enough to be molded . More on candle colours and their significance can be found in this article’s FAQ section.

Spell Casting Steps

How to cast the Full Moon Love Binding:

  2. Place the red candle between your two poppets
  3. Wrap the string around both figures, wrapping them together with the candle in between
  4. Tie the poppets tightly and with a knot to ensure they are secured to the candle, but…
  5. Ensure you have plenty of string left over and hanging off of the part you wrapped around and knotted
  6. On the first night of the next full moon, light the candle
  7. Concentrate on your desire and make honest peace with your intentions for the committed relationship
  8. Wrap the string around the figures and candle ONE more time and say: “I am bound to thee and thee to I. In love to be, I bind you to me.”
  9. Burn the candle for 20 minutes
  10. Repeat steps 5-8 for three consecutive evenings
  11. On the third night, burn the candle all the way down
  12. Do not discard the leftover wax and materials.

Your relationship will remain bound as long as you keep the wax from this binding spell safe and secure.


  1. Marriage Spells


For many, marriage is the culmination of multiple phases of life and comes at a time when they’re ready to move to the next plateau. But sometimes both parties aren’t on the same page. Sometimes feet get cold. And other times there are meddling parties—family, friends, coworkers —who throw a proverbial wrench in the works.

No matter the cause, a marriage spell is among the most powerful of the love spell categories. On paper this seems to make sense, since marriage itself is arguably the “most powerful” of relationship types.

Usually a marriage spell is sought when there is an interruption in a long term committed relationship (e.g., an engagement that has hit a wall or a volatile couple who are meant to be together but cannot get out of their own way).

Note: marriage spells are powerful magic. We highly recommend seeking a professional spell caster for such an endeavour .

Another way you can tell marriage spells are powerful is by taking stock of the types of materials needed for such an incantation. It is not unusual to find that a marriage spell casting needs physical items belonging to the target of the spell. These items may include fingernail clips, locks of hair, and beloved personal items.

There are a variety of different types of marriage spells, but most involve:

  • Two poppets (each representing one of the people in the marriage union)
  • Candles
  • Thread
  • Photographs of each person
  • An altar
  • Cups of water

Incantations are many and varied, but we recommend engaging a professional spell caster for this one, due to the complexity and potential fallout of a mis-cast marriage spell.



  1. Obsession Spells

Another potentially dangerous incantation, obsession spells are often (though not always) considered Black Magic and should be treated with regard, respect, and extreme caution.

Much like the word “obsession,” an obsession spell has the capacity to be problematic and hurtful. Beyond engaging an experienced spell caster, we recommend a deep-dive on the info, materials, incantations, and symbols used in such spells.

In short, obsession spell casting does exactly what you think it does: make someone absolutely insane about you. It’s not a far mental jump from imagining what it would be like for someone to hang on your every word and sit as close as possible to think about how miserable it could be to have someone refuse to leave your side 24/7.

Hollywood loves the notion of a spell like this and has made entire films on the premise, such as 1994 comedy Love Potion No. 9. Plenty of other takes on the madness of obsession show a decidedly less sunny side to it, however:

  • Fatal Attraction
  • Fear
  • The Crush
  • Lolita
  • Gone Girl
  • Misery
  • Single White Female
  • Black Swan

Obsession is not to be taken lightly. Consider very carefully before choosing to delve into such powerful magic.


The History of Love Spells

The use of love spells has been common for centuries, with some historians even dating them back to ancient Egyptian times. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries magic became widespread in the Mediterranean as well. Love spells are found all over the world, in various forms, with varying degrees of significance.

Love spells are often found in folklore, fiction, and popular culture. They are often associated with magic and witchcraft but can also be found in some religions. Many local and regional organizations, groups, and even governments are still so closely tied to the roots of these spells that they celebrate varying forms of love spells each year.

There are many different types of love spells, all with different purposes and varying degrees of intention. Good intentions point toward love’s most authentic, pure, loyal, and plentiful side. But bad intentions often lead to the darker side of love, such as spells dealing in lust, bindings, or repellants. No matter the love spell, the caster’s heart’s intention is pivotal. Energies flow best where they are invited, after all.

How Can I Aid My Love Spell?

The key to successful love spell casting is to take your time. You should do some research about the target person and find out what they like, dislike, and what inspires them.

Along with this research, there are other things you can do to increase the chance of success. One of the most important things is to reassess your love spell every day or two. You might change certain aspects of it based on their responses which you get from observing them.

We also highly recommend three areas of personal wellbeing to aid your love spell. These areas of care not only streamline the process by keeping energy flow channels running smoothly, but also aid in your attractiveness to potential partners in general. The three areas of personal wellbeing we recommend are:

  • Behavior
  • Appearance
  • Positive Mind set



This area of personal care is concerned not with “how to behave,” but instead simply a focus on the notion of respectful behaviour . To behave respectfully merely means mindfulness and consideration of others. The best part is that it does not require you to change anything about yourself.

In other words: it costs zero dollars not to be a jerk!


Without skewing too far into the realm of cynicism: we live in a shallow world. Not only does our collective Beauty Bias mean that attractive people get more opportunities. It also means that less attractive people are instead subject  . Again we’re talking about magic spells and spell casting here. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help your own cause with a purposeful appearance. You need not shave everywhere or use the most expensive spa products. Just keep it tidy.

In other words: clean yourself up if you want the best chance at love!

Positive Mind set

It becomes clear that these three suggestions are closely related. That’s because, much like some of the love spells on this list, each improves the others. In this case, when dedicating personal care toward your own positive mind set, everyone wins! Your positivity feeds into your personal appearance, which further improves your mood, mind set , and behaviour . And this domino effect has implications beyond you as well. Your family, friends, even people on your commute are affected by your energy simply out of sheer proximity. With the power of a positive mind behind you, you’re unstoppable.

In other words: the power of positivity is vast!

How Long Does A Love Spell Last?

The answer to this varies quite broadly based on a variety of factors. The amount of time a love spell will last has to do with:

  • Lunar Calendar – the moon holds sway over much. Best to work within her energies and practice spell casting within the correct environment.
  • Spell caster’s Expertise – the caster’s years of experience and areas of focus.
  • Tools and Ingredients – the casting of some spells calls for various tools, resources, equipment, or ingredients. The amount and quality of these items also influence spell length.

Some love spells last a day; others, an entire season; still others can last a lifetime.

Note: if you’re new to this, we highly suggest working with an experienced spell caster early on so you can learn the ropes safely while tapping into the mystical side.

Are Love Spells Risky?

There are many ways that a person can use a love spell, but they all have one thing in common: they bring about some kind of romantic change. As in all things mystical, it’s difficult to control a love spell. You are dealing with magic beyond our plane that is not always fully understood, after all. Love spells do not work on every person. But just as unpredictable as the mystical energies behind it, magic often works on certain people when nothing else will.

It’s important to remember that the energies tied up in a love spell are not independent. The influence on a force as far-reaching as love can have ripple effects for lifetimes. Therefore we suggest learning everything you can about love spells before attempting to cast them yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do love spells actually work?

Yes! But to fully answer this question, you have to differentiate between two types of spell casting: ritualistic and energetic.

Spell casting Types

The first type is what most people think of when they hear the word “spells.” Ritualistic spell casting is done ceremonially, including chanting, candle burning, and sometimes tools, symbols, or dedicated spaces. Magic spells like these often require a lot of time and energy, and it’s not uncommon for an individual to perform spells more than once in order to get the desired result.

The second type of magic is the kind that deals with manipulating energies. Energy manipulation can include psychic powers like telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, precognition, and other forms of Extrasensory Perception (ESP). These love spells are often used for healing or providing clarity about something or someone; they’re not meant to get the desired result but rather bring clarity.

As you can see, the outcomes are as different as the approaches between these two areas of magical casting.

How to choose the right spell for you?

Choosing the right love spell can be a difficult task, especially if you are new to the world of magic. There are many spells, and it can be challenging to determine which one would work best for your needs. But magic is all around us and calls to us—even when we don’t know how to hear or answer.

Step 1: Get categorical

Spell casting is an essential element of magic, but it can be hard to determine which spell to use and when. The first step toward finding out if a spell will work for you is by understanding what kind of magic you’re after. For the purposes of this article, we are obviously focusing on love spells in particular, but there are many different categories of spells that may best suit your personal needs. Ensure you are on the right track before proceeding.

Step 2: Due diligence

Next, look into the school of magic or the organizations behind the spell. Ensure the school of thought’s mind set is aligned with your own before you dabble with magical energy through the lens of their practices. This mind set alignment is vital for short-term purposes (including the very effectiveness of the spell) and to ensure no unintended energies are released along with the casting of your chosen spell.

Step 3: Spell it out

The spell itself is next: backward and forward, upside down, and inside out. The incantation, action, symbols, gestures, and tools must become part of your knowledge as innately as breathing. This is especially important with love spells, as they require the focus of more than your mind, but indeed your heart as well.

Step 4: Lather, rinse, repeat

Practice makes perfect. And in the case of the supernatural, diligent preparation and flawless execution increase the chance of successful spell casting exponentially.

These are matters of the heart, after all. They are unpredictable enough as it is. Follow these steps to give yourself the best chance at a successful love spell.

What is candle magic?

There are many ways to try to cast a love spell, but one of the most popular ways to cast a love spell from home is to use what is known as “candle magic spells.”

Making magic with candles is best done at night. To work with candle magic, take a candle, light it, and strongly visualize what you want to achieve while keeping your focus for as long as other things do not interrupt you. Repeat the procedure every night and keep going until the moon completes its cycle (depending upon when you start). Candle magic spells.

When a candle has burnt out, the fire will have carried the energy from your desire to the universe so that it can be fulfilled. Candle magic spells

However, as in many aspects of love magic, there are many more layers, and much more you can do to personalize, specialize, and focus the Candle magic spells. For example, if you want to draw energy inward toward yourself, you can also write a power word on the candle starting from top to bottom. Conversely, if you need to push energy away from yourself, you would write a power word from the bottom up on the Candle magic spells.

The lunar cycle (phases of the moon) play a role as well. To pull energy toward you more spiritually, start the spell on a new moon. Or to push it away, start on a waning moon. Candle magic spells.

Some psychics also advise burning the remains of the love spells rather than discarding them.

Candle magic spells is a great starter tool for those delving into mystical powers due to the accessibility of the materials. These materials are usually just candles and a light source (lighter, matches, etc.). Candle magic spells is also good for those newer to the experience due to the simplicity of the process.

  • Green for luck, success, and prosperity
  • Pink for love, affection, happiness, intimacy
  • Yellow for focus, education, confidence
  • Red for strength, courage, lust, potency, good luck, and willpower
  • Blue for emotional healing, justice, inspiration
  • Mauve for wisdom, meditation, royalty, and mystical practices
  • Brown for stability, balance, the building of trust
  • Black for protection and dispelling of negative energies


The realm of magic contains many doors and traverses many planes. Focused, will-driven spell casting can help open the doors to the heart of your beloved. But take heed and take care, as matters of the heart are often tumultuous. Overcoming the challenges of love, however, is about as fulfilling as it comes. Here’s hoping some of these love spells soothe your soul, comfort your heart, and inspire your mind! whatsapp +27713651331





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