Prayer to ancestral Spirits

Prayer to ancestral Spirits

Prayer to ancestral Spirits

Prayer to ancestral Spirits

Prayer to ancestral Spirits Ancestors are spirits that influence you … God is a Spirit and ancestors are also Spirits … this Spirit is very important too. God guides you and helps you to make right decisions. 

Communicating with the ancestors helps,

It is a passage to God … when I pray to the ancestors. 

Ancestors guide you and if you are spiritual, you believe in them. When you believe in them, you feel comfort. 

My grandparents believed in the ancestors and I’ve seen them feel peaceful after communicating with the ancestors. It helps people feel spiritual. Prayer to ancestral Spirits.

Spirituality in the African paradigm is connected to a sense of respect for the departed, who ultimately guides an individual to God and who always Listens . Most of the participants viewed the ancestors as having the same Divine Power , ancestors live within the spirit world and act as conduits between their families and the sphere of divinity. They are seen as providers of safety and are called upon during times of Calamity .

Moreover, their guidance and blessings are often received when the relevant rituals are conducted and sacrificial offerings are made . Whilst they offer guidance, protection and blessings, they may also mete out punishment if family rituals are not observed. Therefore argued that failure to show them proper respect, invites misfortunes, hence veneration ensures blessings and protection.

Hence this deep connection to the ancestors with “dreams and visions seen as coming from the ancestral realm” remains one of the most salient spiritual pathways for receiving messages that influence health and wellbeing” .Prayer to ancestral Spirits.

The emphasis placed on prayers and offerings to the ancestors reflects their importance to people in crisis in two ways. It is possible that clients may attribute their difficulties to the fact that they did not show respect towards the ancestors, or they may believe that through prayers and offerings to the ancestors their problems would be resolved. Prayer to ancestral Spirits.




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