Consultation with traditional healers

Consultation with traditional healers

Consultation with traditional healers

Consultation with traditional healers

Consultation with traditional healers  also play an important role in African spirituality.

Sometimes when people have problems they call the Inyanga to their homes late at night where the Inyanga will pray whole night and make medicines for them to take. But no one else must see it so the Inyanga goes very early before people get up. 

Community turn to isangomas (traditional healer) for help.  isangoma can solve problems, like if you feeling sick or have body pains or you are worried about something. Especially when people have bad luck, they visit the isangoma. 

Healing in African culture is an inextricable component of African spirituality and traditional way of living.  African people are deeply rooted in their spiritual beliefs and methods of traditional healing and therefore have an unwavering faith in healing through a traditional healer.

Family and community members seek help from traditional healers who give home-grown medication such as herbs or ointments to calm a person and relieve a person who is experiencing physical or emotional pain.

The use of animal bones, indigenous herbs and their elevated spiritual status has earned traditional healers’ great reverence and they are seen as equivalent to the Supreme Being . Hence, when faced with trauma, anxiety and depression, individuals and families turn first to traditional healers for help to transcend their difficulties.

Traditional healer as a “person of great respect in the community”, who can be trusted by community members in times of adversity. Traditional healers are believed to be powerful individuals who serve the community through the use of indigenous knowledge, to heal the ailments of the individuals, communities and families . 

Traditional healers receive a spiritual calling to serve the people . Furthermore, the traditional healer is respected for helping individuals overcome several problems such as bad luck, restoring relationships, psychological problems and not just physical ailments .

It is for these reasons that African people turn to traditional healers during times of need as they diagnose illness, identify problems and find solutions through communication with the ancestors  , respectful and support for traditional healers is crucial as they have an overall therapeutic plan.




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