Cleansing rituals

Cleansing rituals

Cleansing rituals

Cleansing rituals

Cleansing rituals Spirituality can be accessed through rituals or practices that help provide meaning and Support . Cleansing rituals are another type of spiritual practice that emerged in the data.  These are often performed by a traditional healer and that this practice is often carried out after a person has been ‘bewitched’ or after the traumatic death of a family member and more bad things. like business .

Cleansing ceremonies are very important  

Well I  use cleansing methods when someone is bewitched.

i do cleansing prayer like if someone sinned and wants to repent or someone is troubled by a spirit then they would be cleansed to heal from it. 

Burning of wood and ash and then added to water for cleansing. This makes people feel like they have got rid of their problems.

Cleansing ceremonies are done for people. People also call sangomas to cleanse the house. In rural communities there is a belief that black magic is common. 

Cleansing  therefore also form an important traditional healing method in African spirituality that are believed to restore harmony and balance in an individual .  When individuals experience stress, as they can transform an individual from their traumatic state into a state of enhanced wellbeing. They are in fact intended to assist an individual to acknowledge their pain and through spiritual connectedness with unseen Spirit, transcend these difficulties and move forward . Through the use of herbal medication and spiritual support, the cleansing  is believed to effect wellbeing. Cleansing  also make use of water, plants, smoke/fire and mud to effect healing.Cleansing .

  rituals are significant to “rid one’s body of diseases, protect children from harm, sanctify a public place, and repair broken relationships.” It is believed that if a person is not cleansed, misfortune will follow and this will affect not just the individual but also an entire community .  Cleansing rituals are also important for the restoration and healing of families and communities as well. An entire tribe may therefore come together or an entire lineage for rituals when challenges are experienced .




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