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Black magic spells for love

Black magic spells for love

Black magic spells for love

Black magic spells for love If you think casting love spells requires a bunch of intricate incantations, special divination tools, and a bunch of rare ingredients, you’re wrong. Experienced love spell casters know that the real magic lies in three things:
Black magic spells for love
  • Your honest and good intentions
  • Unwavering faith in magic and love spells
  • The strength of your love

Love spells that work immediately often show significant results because of the positive energy surrounding them. In these instances, your desire and intention matter more than the instruments you use to wield the powerful magic.

Black magic spells for love

Some love spell casters can turn cooking pots into cauldrons and ordinary objects into magical devices. The sheer power of their devotion to the significant other and the firm belief that love magic works can increase the spell’s effectiveness.

Black magic spells for love

Now that you know the basics of spell casting let the fun begin.

Here are some easy love spells that bring you closer to your significant other:

#1 Love Spell Candle

Love spell candles work as mediums between lovers. That means the flickering flames direct the attraction towards your romantic interest. The colour of the candle symbolizes your intention for the spell.

For instance, red candles suit love spells involving a passionate romance that might have fizzled out over the years or for someone new you’re immensely attracted to (and vice versa). In contrast, pink love spell candles are associated with undying affection and devotion between a romantic couples.

Black magic spells for love

How to Cast a Love Spell with a Candle?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Choose a peaceful corner to light your candle.
  2. Take a few deep breaths to compose yourself.
  3. Focus your energy on your romantic interest and what you feel about them.
  4. Light a new candle (preferably pink or red).
  5. Choose a colored ink pen to write your first name and the other person’s last name on a small white paper.
  6. Draw a circle around both names without lifting the pencil.
  7. Visualize your future with this person, focusing on happy and romantic thoughts.
  8. Then say the following incantation thrice: “Our fate is sealed. We are one so mote it be. It is done. “
  9. Look at the candle for at least 15 minutes or until it burns out completely.
  10. Allow the candle to continue burning till it goes out on its own. Avoid blowing it out as it disrupts the flow of energy and breaks the spell.
Black magic spells for love


You may repeat these actions for seven consecutive days to strengthen your love spell. Most love spell casters recommend practicing this type of magic on Fridays as it’s the day of Venus (aka Goddess of Love). Hence, practitioners consider an auspicious day for this occasion.

Alternatively, there’s another love candle spell that can unite you with your prospective partner (or ex). It requires a red seven-day candle. The spell caster needs to carve the love interest’s name and zodiac sign (or birth date) onto the candle. You need to state your intention for the love spell out loud in a clear, confident voice while igniting the candle.

Black magic spells for love

Once you light the candle, it needs to continue burning till all the wax melts. There’s no need to worry if your candle gets extinguished or if it’s unsafe to keep it lit for days. You can always relight the wick. Remember to repeat your intentions whenever you do that to ensure that the spell carries onto the next day.

A completed melted candle indicates that you’ve completed the love candle spell.

Black magic spells for love

#2 Honey Jar Spell

It’s a quick and easy love spell that dates back to centuries where witches infused honey into love potions. Spell casters use honey to bring a couple closer to each other with its natural sweetness. One can use it on crushes, exes, and disgruntled romantic partners.

Moreover, though it’s not mentioned in spell books, we can consider the ingredient’s natural stickiness to play a role in gluing a broken relationship back together.

Black magic spells for love


How Do Honey Jar Love Spells Work?

  1. Write the name of your romantic interest on a piece of white paper thrice.
  2. Rotate the paper at a 90 degrees angle.
  3. Write your name three times in a way that your name overlaps with the name of your prospective/current (or former) partner.
  4. Concentrate on your intention behind the love spell.
  5. Write why you want the person in your life and jot down the wish on the same paper. It should encircle the names, and you should avoid lifting your pen when you’re writing the wish.
  6. Carefully fold the paper and palace it inside a honey jar.
  7. Ensure that your fingers touch the honey when you place the paper inside.
  8. Recite this love incantation in a loud and clear voice: “Just as this honey is sweet, (insert name of romantic interest/partner) will be for me.”
  9. Lick the honey off your fingers before sealing the jar.
  10. Shake the jar a bit before placing it somewhere safe and hidden.
Black magic spells for love


Alternatively, you can light a love spell candle on top of your spell jar. Select a pink or red candle denoting true love for this purpose. You can continue this ritual for a month by lighting a candle for the jar every alternate week.

Lastly, remember to use the candle cautiously. To minimize risks, keep it away from flammable objects (i.e., clothes, essential oils, wood, and fibrous materials).

Pro Tip:

Some free love spells with honey elevate the strength of this love spell by adding more ingredients to the jar. Popular choices include aromatic herbs and spices such as lavender for soothing and healing love, oregano for luck, blue lotus to rekindle your romantic life, and patchouli for passion.

You can add rose petals and thorns into the mix as they symbolize love and the hardships that arise due to the complicated relationship.

#3 No Ingredients Love Spell

How do you spell love?

There are five common love languages; words of affirmations, acts of service, physical touch, quality time, and gifts.

Easy love spells without ingredients fall under the first category. The only difference is that you’re affirming your love out loud to the universe instead of saying it directly to your romantic interest. These spells are less restrictive and more personable than traditional techniques, which appeases many new spell casters. You can use it to rekindle your romance with a current partner, spark a relationship with someone new or bring your ex back into your life.

The possibilities are limitless here. All you need are the right words and a vivid imagination to turn your fantasy into a reality.

Black magic spells for love

How Do These Love Spells Work?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Choose a distract-free space for spell casting.
  2. Sit in a comfortable spot.
  3. Do some relaxing breathing exercises to compose yourself.
  4. Meditate for a few minutes to shake off all negative energy.
  5. Focus on your romantic interest and visualize a happier life with them.

You can either chant an affirmation like ‘Oh love, be true to me!’ or something similar while you imagine your happily-ever-after with that person. When in doubt, you can consult a psychic practitioner to proceed with a no ingredient love spell.

Black magic spells for love

Apart from selecting a peaceful place for spell casting, you need to time your love spells correctly. Repeat your spell once every full moon, or choose the first Friday of every month for these mystic sessions.

In this case, you need to be patient and trust the mystic power of love. The result will appear within a few months of regular spell casting. Alternatively, the love spell works immediately when the feelings are mutual and strong from both individuals.

Black magic spells for love

Moreover, these types of love spells are great for boosting self-love and confidence too. Follow the steps and focus on visualizing content and happy life. Like every daily affirmation for self-improvement, they unlock your inherent potential. In turn, they motivate you to become the best version of yourself.

Black magic spells for love



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