Affection and Attraction

Affection and Attraction

Affection and Attraction

Affection and Attraction Have you noticed your partner becoming distant lately? Has your sex life become non-existent? Has the quality of time you spent with each other has decreased?

These are all tell-tale signs of an unfaithful or disinterested partner. Couples often face this issue when they grow out of a romantic relationship after a few years of marriage or a long-term live-in situation. Other people might face this problem when someone younger or more attractive comes into the picture.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is. You can use easy love spells to reignite that lost spark in your relationship. All thanks to a magical ribbon and your unconditional faith in love incantations. Affection and Attraction.

  1. Use a fiery red ribbon for passion or a subtle pink ribbon for undying love for your spell.
  2. String paired objects (i.e., gloves or individual photographs (one of each) together on a New Moon. Choosing belongings with sentimental value elevates the strength of this easy love spell.
  3. Tie these objects at two ends of the ribbon.
  4. Recite the following invocation as you tie these objects ‘as I tie these (insert name of object) together, may my lover come closer to me.
  5. Bring your chosen items closer to each other every night while you repeat this incantation and retie the ribbon securely.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for more than a month to achieve positive results.

The spell requires two items to symbolize you and your significant other. Affection and Attraction.

Stop your love spell once both objects touch either as it marks the completion of your attempt to woo your lover. Take a break for at least one week before you resume your spell casting session from round two. Regular spell casting can resolve relationship issues and help you maintain a loving relationship for years to come. Affection and Attraction.




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